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The Slide Continues - Gay Episcopal Bishop Backs "Muslim" For President

"Person Of The Year", 2007 Affirmation Conference Keynote Speaker, Episcopal bishop, the Reverend V. Gene Robinson - Image Credit: The Advocate via 2007 Affirmation Conference

The long, slow slide to the bottom rung of respected, tradition based, organized religion ladder in America ... continues - Gay Episcopal Bishop Backs "Muslim" For President

What ever happened to the separation between Church and State?

Obama feels his experience living in Indonesia, being taught in Muslim schools for four years as a child, and his ability to speak to Muslims could make him a better president. Apparently so does Episcopal bishop, Reverend V. Gene Robinson.

This is really rich … why don’t we all just throw standards to out the window entirely and not have an election at all! Why don’t we just appoint whomever the Episcopal Church of these United States endorses ... you know, the one that has a good percentage of traditional Episcopal churches seeking to be associated with Episcopal/Anglican governing bodies as far away as ... Africa!

This from the Boston Globe -

N.H.'s Episcopal bishop backs Obama's run
By JAMES W. PINDELL, Boston Globe - August 3, 2007

New Hampshire's Episcopal bishop, the Reverend V. Gene Robinson, endorsed US Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign, saying Obama had a background in faith and activism to which he could relate.

Robinson became an internationally controversial figure in 2003 when he became the first openly gay bishop of the Episcopal Church.

His appointment created a schism that led many to leave the church. The international Anglican Communion has threatened to split from the American church.

The public endorsement of Obama could set off even more uneasiness within the church, which has not been overtly involved in electoral politics.

In a conference call with reporters yesterday, Robinson said that after the Obama campaign reached out to him he became impressed with Obama and "shared his values."

"His experience as a community organizer and as one that did it from a faith background represents the kind of change we need," Robinson said.

Robinson said he has never publicly endorsed a candidate before and will not use the pulpit to advocate for Obama. Yet, his endorsement of Obama is the latest sign in Robinson's growing political profile. Earlier in the year Robinson lobbied New Hampshire lawmakers to become the first state in the nation to approve same-sex civil unions without a court mandate. He also said he plans to enter into a civil union with his partner.

In addition, he has been a public advocate against the state's death penalty.

When it comes to gay marriage, Robinson says he disagrees with Obama's stance of only favoring allowing civil unions.

"At this moment we have no viable candidate who is where we would like them to be on these issues," he said.

Unlike many Democratic candidates in the past the Obama campaign has actively sought out religious groups. In New Hampshire, Obama volunteers organized discussions around the state about the interplay of faith and activism.

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And this excerpted from NewsMax -

Obama: My Muslim Ties Are a Strength
NewsMax - Tuesday, April 24, 2007 10:00 p.m. EDT

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday tried to reassure Jewish voters concerned about his Muslim ties, arguing that his commitment to Israel's security is unwavering.
"If I go to Jakarta and address the largest Muslim country on earth, I can say, 'Apa kabar,' — you know, 'How are you doing?' — and they can recognize that I understand their common humanity," Obama said. "That is a strength, and it allows me to say things to them that other presidents might not be able to say. And that's part of what's promising, I think, about this presidency."

Obama's stepfather was Indonesian, and the future senator lived in the country from ages 6 to 10.
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This can only be a marriage ... ahhh - errr, “Union” made in Daily Kos heaven.

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Senator Obama is not a muslim. He is a Christian who attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago.