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E85 Ethanol Powers To New Land Speed Record

Record Setting Viper: The car's owner, entrepreneur Karl Jacob, says it was built with the purpose of demonstrating that "going green needn't mean going slow." Prior to the record run, Karl's Viper had already held the standing-mile record for a bio-fuel powered street car at 189 mph. Image Credit: Karl Jacob - Motor Trend / Caption Credit: Kirill Ougarov - Motor Trend

E85 Ethanol Powers To New Land Speed Record

We, at MAXINE, assume that this record is meant for a catagory that would exclude automobiles that run on pure Ethanol such are the cars that race in the IRL and Champ Car open-wheel automobile racing series.

Next year, however, the IRL will be switching to E85 and then the record would be shattered because an IRL "IndyCar" can eaisly go from "0" to "100" MPH (and back to "0" again) in the total time of 27.41 seconds it took this souped-up Viper to achieve just "0" to "100"!

This from Motor Trend Community -

Ethanol-powered Viper runs to standing-mile record
Posted 7-16-2007 11:13 AM by Kirill Ougarov

The world standing-mile record in a street car now belongs to a 1200-horsepower Dodge Viper running on E85 ethanol. The car, tuned by Chicago-based SVS, reached a top speed of 220.7 mph during a 27.41-second run at the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport in Oscoda, Michigan. The previous record was 217.85 mph in a gasoline-powered car.

The project started out with the addition of twin turbochargers to a stock Viper to bring the car's output to 700 horsepower, with the decision to switch to E85 made a couple months later. The car's entire fuel system had to be reworked for compatibility with E85, with extensive modifications to the driveline including new engine internals, a race-prepared transmission, and a new differential to allow the car to develop and handle power outputs north of 1000 horses.

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This YouTube E85 Viper run appears to have taken place either at the Mojave Airport where famed aircraft designer and areo record holder, Dick Ruttan has set up his company to couquer space or the former George Air Force Base near Adelanto.

April 14, 2007: "See the E85 Viper set the world record for a streetable biofuel car in the standing mile"

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