Monday, March 05, 2007

FORE! - Playin' Through The Hard Way

The V40 grenade is spherical in shape, 6.5 cm (2.5 in) high, and 4 cm ( 1.5 in) in diameter - approximately the size of a golf-ball Caption Credit: Wikipedia - Image Credit: Pajamas Media

FORE! - Playin' Through The Hard Way

Can you imagine, taking an explosive object of destruction and trying to conceal it in a way as to pass a frisking ... even a naked frisking?

Well that is what happened in the Central American country of San Salvador the other day.

This from Reuters via Yahoo! News -

Prisoner caught with grenade where?
Reuters - Fri Mar 2, 9:25 AM ET

SAN SALVADOR - An inmate at an
El Salvador jail was caught with a hand grenade stuffed up his backside -- a novel attempt to disguise his apparent escape plans.

Guards at the San Francisco Gotera prison outside the capital San Salvador found the V40 grenade, about the size of a golf ball, lodged up the man's rectum during a security clampdown, a prison spokesman said on Thursday.

They also caught another 16 inmates who each swallowed a mobile phone.

"We'll have to expel the objects and if they won't come out we'll have to perform surgery in hospital," said Alberto Uribe, a spokesman for the El Salvador prison service.

The body of the M-67 hand grenade is a 2.5-inch diameter steel sphere designed to burst into numerous fragments when detonated. It produces casualties within an effective range of 49.5 feet (15 meters) by the high velocity projection of fragments. The grenade body contains 6.5 ounces of high explosive. Each grenade is fitted with a fuse that activates the explosive charge. Image Credit: Military Analysis Network

Last year, prison guards found an M67 grenade in the vagina of a female visitor at the overcrowded La Esperanza-Mariona prison on the northern fringes of San Salvador.

Prisoners in the Central American country use weapons to try to escape or attack fellow inmates and prison guards, and use cellular phones to order free gang members to commit crimes or smuggle narcotics.

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This could not get any uglier. What if Islamo-Fascists terrorists begin to view the world as do the drug dealers view their freedom from imprisonment?

A V40 grenade is quite destructive. The steel body of the grenade has 326 squares pressed into its inside face to produce separate fragments when the explosive fill is detonated.

The V40 weighed 136 gm (4.8 oz) and was issued primed from the manufacturer. Fuse delay time is set for about four seconds.

This grenade was considered lethal up to a radius of 18 meters (20 yards) and dangerous up to 300 m (325 yd) from point of impact. It was commonly referred to as the Mini-Frag.

This incident gives us a whole new interpretation to the expressions like, the "San Salvador Open"! Or, how about the "Back Nine"? ... Divot!


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