Thursday, February 08, 2007

Survivor Fiji - The Real World Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

Fijian military commander Frank Bainimarama warned that his troops would not tolerate dissent against his regime. Image Credit: AP

Survivor Fiji - The Real World Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

Back in early December 2006, the military commander of Fiji decided that the legally elected Government of Fiji wasn’t handling affaires to his liking – so, he ordered the military to take over the Government and oust the Prime Minister.

Since this event, Fiji’s economy has plummeted, the country has been suspended from its participation in networking trade organizations, and the coup has been roundly rejected by the United Nations and Fiji’s neighbors.

The Commander, Frank Bainimarama, finds himself in a real life “Survivor Fiji” as he navigates his effort to run the country as he sees fit.

"He (Bainimarama) doesn't have the support of the government, of the president, of the police, of the churches, of the chiefs, of the people of Fiji," Mr Andrew Hughes, former Fijian police commissioner told ABC television (in a December 5th interview) . "And I can foresee a popular uprising.”

His prediction was that Fiji’s fourth coup in 20 years would collapse under a popular uprising and divisions within military ranks.

On the eve of the popular reality TV series “Survivor” (which has its premiere tonight on CBS, 8pm et/pt), this latest edition from Fiji may pale in comparison to the real life survivor saga - the coup in Fiji.

And now this from from Radio New Zealand -

Fiji coup leader told to heed other dictators' fate
Radio New Zealand - Posted at 2:16pm on 08 Feb 2007

A Fiji democracy activist who is in hiding says President Ratu Josefa Iloilo and the interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, should not believe that they are immune from prosecution.

A ceremonial guard is backed by an armed Fijian soldier at the entrance to Government House in Suva Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006. The military commander Frank Bainimarama and Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase have been locked in a power struggle that appears to be heading towards a military coup. Image Credit: AP Photo/Rick Rycroft

Laisa Digitaki has told the Fijilive news website that continuing human rights violations could very well become the main cause of the interim regime's downfall if they are not careful.

She made the statement in response to a letter by Human Rights Watch to President Iloilo and Commodore Bainimarama raising concerns about alleged human rights violations in Fiji.

Ms Digitaki says Human Rights Watch was behind the successful prosecution of the former Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet, for crimes against humanity committed on his own people.

She says the two Fiji leaders should remember that the precedent has been set.

Ms Digitaki says she is currently in hiding from the military which claims she has made statements inciting people against the interim administration.

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Anonymous said...

This site is BS and so far behind the times its just taking up band width for nothing

ecj said...

Obviously, there just isn't enough "bandwidth" in this world for you to leave your name.

If you dislike this site that much ... link me on the way out the door!

Go ahead, really, I DARE you.

Anonymous said...

This courageous Fijian woman Laisa Digitaki deserve some kind of recognition by the Human Rights Watch, UN, Commonwealth and Fiji's own people for her strength to stand up for what she believes in and for the good of Fiji. I am a New Yorker,monitoring Fiji's coup situation for my thesis and this woman keeps on putting Fiji on the map with her style of peaceful resistance against the coup. It seems all others have quietened down except for her, eventhough she's still in hiding. I think Fiji has a lot to learn from this lady. Bravo Laisa. You islanders need more Laisas to get out of your sorry situation. I warn you, you will regret it if you islanders don't do something now and remove your dictator. If you can't, don't ever blame anyone else or the brave Laisa for your misfortune. By the way, where the heck are your men folks? All I see on TV are women fighting against the coup. Aren't they suppose to be highly regarded by our UN Head Office here in NY for their outstanding peacekeeping history? What a bunch of sissys!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly. Human Rights Watch, enough of giving your awards to JLo and those fluffs. What about giving it to this Fijian Liasa human rights defender! Might be a good show of human rights protection for that beautiful island paradise and their troubled neighbours.

Global Human Rights Defenders Network said...

Does anyone have the contact for Laisa Digitaki of Fiji? We would like to get in touch with her and help any way we can.

ecj said...

This is ecj-MAXINE:

Contact information can be emailed to

Please include any additional information that could verify the genuine nature of the contact due to the sensitive nature of the information to be shared and to whom.

We at MAXINE do not have any direct contact information of anyone associated with these issues posted above.

I will only divulge information shared, as a go-between, if communicating/contacting parties agree.