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Friday, February 01, 2013

Environmental Wacko NFL Super Bowl XLVII Pick

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, shown here during the AFC Championship game on Jan. 20, will lead his team on a game-winning drive in the final two minutes of Super Bowl XLVII. Well, according to the Madden 13 simulation of the game, which has the Ravens winning by three. Image Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

Environmental Wacko NFL Super Bowl XLVII Pick

In the time honored tradition of Rush Limbaugh and his Friday show segment that features the picking of winners in the weekend's NFL games, here is a treatment of the Super Bowl environmental wacko pick for this weekend between the NFC San Francisco 49ers versus the AFC Baltimore Ravens.

The environmental wacko picking system first looks at the team mascot or name, not the athletic prowess of each team. The next item for judgement or parsing would be location and type of same category of mascot given a progressive or liberal perception of the nature of the mascot.

This excerpted and edited from a Rush Limbaugh show transcript for Super Bowl 2009 -

The Environmentalist Wacko Pick Method Returns for the Super Bowl
Rush Limbaugh - January 30, 2009

"Okay, how can I combine the issues with my game picks, and ingeniously I came up with the environmentalist wacko method which would look at the games and the teams that were competing against one another that weekend from the standpoint of the wacko animal rights movement, the environmental wackos, the entire left-fringe politically correct movement. How would they choose winners? So I'm going to use the environmentalist wacko method to pick the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon.

What do we have here? We have the Steelers versus the Cardinals. What are the Steelers? The Steelers are a huge, big, polluting business that destroyed things with filth. Their tactics have led to lung disease, global warming, and general filth, the pollution of rivers; slave labor jobs, 24/7 working in insufferable conditions at the steel mills; polluting the skies so that people had to take three shirts to work every day if the shirt was white because by noon the shirt would be gray with soot! The byproduct of the work of the Steelers, the industrialists who cared not about the environment, cared not for their city, cared not a whit for the animal life surrounding the mills.

On the other hand, who are the Cardinals? The Cardinals, they're birds! Innocent beasts of nature struggling to survive as man encroaches upon their habitat. So, if you just stop there, you would say, as the environmentalist wackos look at things in the interests of fairness, that the Cardinals -- the innocent beasts of the air -- will finally exact revenge against these polluting industrialists who destroyed lives and things! However, ladies and gentlemen, it's not exactly that way anymore, because the Steelers were also union workers! The Steelers were Big Labor, ladies and gentlemen.

Just this morning at the White House, Big Labor was rewarded by President Obama and Vice President Biden. Also, these birds are no longer just innocent beasts of the sky. These birds can fly into the engines of jet aircraft, as to so happened recently with a US Air flight. They were geese, admittedly, but a bird is a bird. An innocent beast of the sky is an innocent beast of the sky. Who flies these magnificent jetliners and staffs them? Why, Big Labor! Unionized pilots, unionized flight attendants -- and we now know that the federal government, along with the states and the cities where there are airports, have begun implementing programs to kill the birds.

Why? Because the birds threaten Big Labor: the pilot, the copilot, and the flight attendants who are flying the jets. We're going to kill the birds to protect Big Labor, since they were just rewarded in the White House this morning. Therefore, the game is not to be viewed as the polluting industrialist pigs versus the innocent beasts of the air. This game is viewed as these innocent beasts of the air being killers, flying themselves into the jets being flown by union people: the pilot, the copilot, and the flight attendants. (No, the passengers don't matter.) 

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, the Steelers will kill the birds to further the Obama policy of protecting the union pilots and flight attendants. 

It's 27-10. Steelers cover."
[Reference Here]

Right off the top, wild animals have to given a nod over any human being based mascot. So, in the case of this Sunday's Super Bowl, the Ravens (also an object of poetry) have to be given the go ahead as the pick for the 2012 champion over the 49ers (those evil, land disrupting, polluting, money grubbing, never to be unionized, gold miners) ... even though the team is based in one of the most progressive cities (represented by Nancy Pelosi - by God) in the United States.

Personally, I'm all for hard work and self improvement, so I pick the San Francisco 49ers (the line right now is, 'Frisco' is favored by 3.5 points over the 'Marylanders' & the over/under on total points is 47.5) to take home the hardware, leaving the over-sized, scavenging, black birds flapping wounded on the field, quoting Edgar Allen Poe ... "Nevermore"!!

Teams: 49ers (home) vs. Ravens (away)

TV Schedule: CBS national broadcast

Announcers: Jim Nantz (play-by-play), Phil Simms (color)

Date: Feb. 3, 2013

Time: 6:30 p.m. ET / 3:30 p.m. PT

Location: The Superdome, New Orleans

Weather: 72 degrees, controlled

<a href="" title="Who is your Environmental Wacko pick for the Super Bowl win?">Who is your Environmental Wacko pick for the Super Bowl win?</a>


Hats off to the victors - Baltimore Ravens squander a 22 point lead early in the 3rd Quarter to win in the final minutes with taking a Safety penalty in the endzone that chewed up precious seconds on the clock to eventually win by three points.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If We, At MAXINE, Wanted A Free And Constitutional America To Fail ...

A central understanding of why nations fail has found that political institutions and the behavior of ruling elites largely determine the economic success or failure of the countries they operate in. If most Americans have experienced virtually no economic gains for decades, perhaps we should cast our gaze on the Constitutional and political factors in/or out of effect throughout our own society. Image Credit: investorcentric

If We, At MAXINE, Wanted A Free And Constitutional America To Fail ...

Today on the Rush Limbaugh radio program, Rush mentioned and played a few snippets of a video produced and posted by The presentation gave light to the how and why America appears to be going backward and failing on the goals and opportunity that had once been hallmarks to a free and Constitutional America.

Ryan Houck, the Executive Director of, a project of Americans for Limited Government, produced this opinion presentation which was inspired by Paul Harvey’s “If I were the Devil” published in 1964 and 1996.

Paul Harvey was a cultural and news story commentator that became one of the first to reach millions of people with his presentations. He used the medium of radio in the form of a 15 minute syndicated show that generally aired around noon and The Paul Harvey Show helped to stitch part of the fabric of a true American culture or insight on a way to think or view the world around us.

This excerpted and edited from TruthOrFiction.Com -

“If I were the Devil”
By Paul Harvey

I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world;

I would delude their minds into thinking that they had come from man's effort, instead of God's blessings;

I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people, instead of the other way around;

I would dupe entire states into relying on gambling for their state revenue;

I would convince people that character is not an issue when it comes to leadership;

I would make it legal to take the life of unborn babies;

I would make it socially acceptable to take one's own life, and invent machines to make it  convenient;

I would cheapen human life as much as possible so that life of animals are valued more than human beings;

I would take God out of the schools, where even the mention of His name was grounds for a lawsuit;

I would come up with drugs that sedate the mind and target the young, and I would get sports heroes to advertise them;

I would get control of the media, so that every night I could pollute the minds of every family member for my agenda;

I would attack then family, the backbone of any nation. I would make divorce acceptable and easy, even fashionable. If the family crumbles, so does the nation;

I would compel people to express their most depraved fantasies on canvas and movies screens, and I would call it art;

I would convince the world that people are born homosexuals, and that their lifestyles should be accepted and marveled;

I would convince the people that right and wrong are determined by a few who call themselves authorities and refer to their agendas as politically correct;

I would persuade people that the church is irrelevant and out of date, the Bible is for the naive;

I would dull the minds of Christians, and make them believe that prayer is not important, and that faithfulness and obedience are optional;

[Reference Here]

So how does this approach to understanding give us insights on how American life has changed under a Barack Obama presidency and have us understand the power of progressive thought as it is applied to our every day lives?

This excerpted and edited from NetRightDaily.Com -

If I wanted America to fail (video)
By Ryan Houck

If I wanted America to fail …

To follow, not lead; to suffer, not prosper; to despair, not dream — I’d start with energy.

I’d cut off America’s supply of cheap, abundant energy.  Of course, I couldn’t take it by force. So, I’d make Americans feel guilty for using the energy that heats their homes, fuels their cars, runs their businesses, and powers their economy.

I’d make cheap energy expensive, so that expensive energy would seem cheap.

I would empower unelected bureaucrats to all-but-outlaw America’s most abundant sources of energy.  And after banning its use in America, I’d make it illegal for American companies to ship it overseas.

If I wanted America to fail …

I’d use our schools to teach one generation of Americans that our factories and our cars will cause a new Ice Age, and I’d muster a straight face so I could teach the next generation that they’re causing Global Warming.

And when it’s cold out, I’d call it Climate Change instead.

I’d imply that America’s cities and factories could run on wind power and wishes.  I’d teach children how to ignore the hypocrisy of condemning logging, mining and farming — while having roofs over their heads, heat in their homes and food on their tables.

I would never teach children that the free market is the only force in human history to uplift the poor, establish the middle class and create lasting prosperity. Instead, I’d demonize prosperity itself, so that they will not miss what they will never have.

If I wanted America to fail …

I would create countless new regulations and seldom cancel old ones. They would be so complicated that only bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists could understand them.  That way small businesses with big ideas wouldn’t stand a chance — and I would never have to worry about another Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs.

I would ridicule as “Flat Earthers” those who urge us to lower energy costs by increasing supply. And when the evangelists of commonsense try to remind people about the law of supply and demand, I’d enlist a sympathetic media to drown them out.

If I wanted America to fail …

I would empower unaccountable bureaucracies seated in a distant capitol to bully Americans out of their dreams and their property rights.  I’d send federal agents to raid guitar factories for using the wrong kind of wood; I’d force homeowners to tear down the homes they built on their own land.

I’d make it almost impossible for farmers to farm, miners to mine, loggers to log, and builders to build.  And because I don’t believe in free markets, I’d invent false ones.  I’d devise fictitious products — like carbon credits — and trade them in imaginary markets.  I’d convince people that this would create jobs and be good for the economy.

If I wanted America to fail …

For every concern, I’d invent a crisis; and for every crisis, I’d invent the cause. Like shutting down entire industries and killing tens of thousands of jobs in the name of saving spotted owls.  When everyone learned the stunning irony that the owls were victims of their larger cousins — and not people — it would already be decades too late.

If I wanted America to fail …

I’d make it easier to stop commerce than start it — easier to kill jobs than create them — more fashionable to resent success than to seek it.  When industries seek to create jobs, I’d file lawsuits to stop them.  And then I’d make taxpayers pay for my lawyers.

If I wanted America to fail …

I would transform the environmental agenda from a document of conservation to an economic suicide pact.  I would concede entire industries to our economic rivals by imposing regulations that cost trillions.

I would celebrate those who preach environmental austerity in public while indulging a lavish lifestyle in private.  I’d convince Americans that Europe has it right, and America has it wrong.

If I wanted America to fail …

I would prey on the goodness and decency of ordinary Americans.  I would only need to convince them … that all of this is for the greater good.

If I wanted America to fail, I suppose I wouldn’t change a thing.
[Reference Here]

If we, at MAXINE, wanted a free and Constitutional America to fail ... we wouldn't change a thing either - Vote Obama 2012! ... click link :) and donate now.

** Article first published as "If We Wanted A Free And Constitutional America To Fail ..." at Technorati **

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Radio Wars Of Limbaugh And Huckabee - The Pro Vs. The Opportunist

1956 Zenith AM-FM radio, model Y724. The Y724 differs from the Y723 in that it has a handle, metal tuning graph and a tone control on the left. The radio has great sound on it's built in antennas for AM and FM reception. Image Credit: blogabillyboogie

Radio Wars Of Limbaugh And Huckabee - The Pro Vs. The Opportunist

Rush Limbaugh has been getting a lot of attention lately, but the attention he has been getting from his envious detractors and critics play this card over the top.

Rush is the first to point out that he was wrong to utilize the tactics normally used by the left when he decided to point the absurd proposition that taxpayers should basically pay for non-health supports when he used the absurd tactic of name calling toward a person who was hand-picked by the Democrat Political Party and placed in a press conference to complain about the policies of a College she had freely chosen to attend.

For 25 years, Rush's most entertaining moments happen when he takes absurdity to point out the absurd, for example, last week he said that "Democrats love to pour gas on a fire, which is absurd ... have you seen the price of gas lately?"

That, right there, that's funny!

Rush deftly points out the chaos the Democrat Political Party, led by President Barack Obama and the Senate's Harry Reid, has created with their waste of taxpayer money "Green Economy" fiasco which has led to a 100% increase in gas prices at the pump, costing Americans a decrease in their economic freedom and ability to get jobs.

The issue here with Rush Limbaugh and the left's effort to bring him down is more about silencing an effective voice to the opposition of political "control freaks" who own our media, educational systems, and (currently) the bureaucracy of Government through the Executive branch and the control of the Senate.

To this end, columnist David Frum posits that the entrance of former Arkansas Governor, 2008 Presidential candidate nominee contestant, and FOX News, once a week, weekend program host to the same national radio syndication timeslot just may topple and silence this hallmark of daily conservative thought.

Huckabee, who hasn't even launched his radio program yet, the man who gave us all John McCain as the Republican nominee for President in 2008 and thereby, President Barack Obama and a 60 vote majority in the Senate, is going to unseat and silence Rush Limbaugh? ... now THAT, right there, that's absurd!

This excerpted and edited from The Daily Beast -

Mike Huckabee Brings on Rush Limbaugh's Decline

Huckabee’s about to take the mike. Can he push Limbaugh off the talk-radio throne?
by David Frum Mar 12, 2012 1:00 AM EDT

Over 25 years in radio, Rush Limbaugh’s dominance of the AM dial has become a fact of American life.

Until, maybe, now.

Yes, Limbaugh’s tirade against law student Sandra Fluke has been a problem, inspiring more than 30 advertisers to flee his radio program in the past two weeks. But on April 2, Limbaugh will face a more-serious challenge. That’s when the new Mike Huckabee show launches on 100 stations in Limbaugh’s very own noon-to-3 time slot.

Huckabee’s competition threatens Limbaugh not only because Huckabee has already proven himself an attractive and popular TV broadcaster, but also because Huckabee is arriving on the scene at a time when Limbaugh’s business model is crashing around him.

To understand the power of Huckabee’s challenge to Limbaugh, you have to understand the strange economics of talk radio. Most talk-radio programs offer radio stations this deal: we’ll give you three hours of content for free. (Some programs—cough, Glenn, cough, Beck—actually pay radio stations to accept their content.) Those three hours will include 54 minutes of ad time. That ad time is split between the radio station and the show: each gets 27 minutes to sell.

In this world, Limbaugh is unique. He actually charges radio stations for his content: up to $1 million a year in a major market. Plus, he charges the highest ad rates in the business. Those two revenue streams—multiplied by more radio outlets than anybody else in the industry has—have made Limbaugh a very rich man. But those revenue streams always depended on Limbaugh upholding his end of the bargain: delivering the audiences. And on that count, Limbaugh has been notably failing.

As The Daily Beast’s John Avlon reported last week, the audience for right-wing talk has been shrinking since 2009. In some urban markets, Limbaugh’s audience has dropped by as much as half over the past three years. Limbaugh and other right-wing talkers have responded to this economic squeeze by a strategy familiar to Republican politicians: they have played to the base.

But even more than the total size of the audience, radio advertisers care about a measure called TSL: time spent listening. The people who listen longest are of course the most ideologically intense.
The difference this time is that Limbaugh’s advertisers and his stations had already begun to feel ripped off. To quote my station-manager friend again: “I don’t mind paying for content. But I do mind paying for trouble.” So advertisers revolted against the TSL strategy, with Sears, JCPenney, and many other sponsors dropping the show. Many of the local advertisers who buy their ads from the local stations rather than from the syndicators have been ordering that their purchased minutes be placed on some less-controversial program.

Limbaugh, it’s true, remains a big talk-radio star. He’s seen trouble before and rarely apologized for it. He could assume that even if Sears had departed forever, core talk-radio advertisers—LegalZoom,, Sleep Number beds—must sooner or later return to the No. 1 show in talk radio.

However, Limbaugh’s calculation that his core advertisers must return always rested on the assumption that there was nowhere else to go. Suddenly, in the worst month of Limbaugh’s career, somewhere else has appeared: a lower-priced alternative, with big audience reach and a host an advertiser can trust never, ever to abuse a student as a “slut” and “prostitute.”

The new Huckabee show’s slogan is “more conversation; less confrontation.” “I don’t want it to be a show that every day, every hour, pushes everyone’s buttons to raise their blood pressure,” Huckabee says. “I figure the cost of high blood pressure is enough already.”

Huckabee’s politics are emphatically conservative of course, both on social and economic issues. Yet his politics differ in important ways from those of the Limbaugh-influenced Republican electorate. “I don’t see a pathway for a person of my point of view getting through the land mine of the Republican primary. If that were to change in four years, if the Republicans were to get more serious about governing, not just campaigning—if we focused on what we were for and not just what we were against—then I might be a viable candidate.”

The less-strident Huckabee approach arises both from his experience as a long-serving governor in a Democratic-leaning state and from Huckabee’s famously genial temperament. “I have to believe that there are people who are highly opinionated but who actually find it informative and engaging to find out what the other side is thinking,” he says. “And not through a shouting match, but through an adult-level, civil conversation.”
Huckabee explains his appeal as driven by his choice of topic. “I want to do a show that has politics. But I don’t want a 100 percent political show.” It’s also a matter of tone and style. Limbaugh’s lascivious “joke” about wishing to see a Sandra Fluke sex tape was only the latest in a career of demeaning and prurient remarks. Only a few days beforehand, Huckabee was sitting down with Meryl Streep for a warm and easy talk before a studio audience.

Rush Limbaugh won’t vanish from the radio of course. But the overpriced Limbaugh program is highly vulnerable to economic shocks. “If just one station in a top-20 market replaces Limbaugh with Huckabee, it’ll be an earthquake,” remarks a veteran of the radio business.

And you can already hear the first tremors.
[Reference Here]

David Frum and his "establishment media" friends have it all wishfully wrong - Huckabee will end up a lot like a Geraldo Rivera (UN-listenable), in that, he will pose to be an alternative in the arena of Conservative talk radio, but to be frank, these folks care for opinion that has red meat on the bone, where Huckabee has already admitted to a path of failure through its slogan “more conversation; less confrontation.”

Prediction: Huckabee's milktoast Moderate political policy approach will, by default, increase Rush Limbaugh's (strong Conservative analysis approach) TSL: time spent listening.

** Article first published as Radio Wars Of Limbaugh And Huckabee - The Pro Vs. The Opportunist on Technorati **

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday Morning Tweet | ReTweets Review - Rush, Breitbart, & Etc.

Andrew Breitbart (1969 - 2012) - who has described himself in the past as “Matt Drudge’s bitch”- is the proprietor of the websites,,,, and ... sports a Snuggie for Derek Hunter. Image Credit: Derek Hunter, TownHall (2011)

Sunday Morning Tweet | ReTweets Review - Rush, Breitbart, & Etc.

It is funny what one can get into during a Sunday morning when they are involved in New Media and are interested in Culture, Politics, and what other folks are thinking about the current trend topics of the day.

Take, for example, the copy of these Tweets and ReTweets taken from a column in a "TweetDeck" array, over the course of an hour or so, found at The EDJE's Twitter account (yes, that is "MAXINE's account).

The subjects range from Rush Limbaugh's recent flap that originated when he tried to make an outrageous point from an outrageous press conference put on by Nancy Pelosi that featured a 30 year-old co-ed, Sandra Fluke, who read from a statement she (Fluke) wrote about how the taxpayers should pay for her birth control and contraception drugs because her sexual activity was such that it costs her over $3,000. To the reaction to the death of Conservative politics warrior, Andrew Breitbart and how we all might have to fill this void with our collective voice. To the actions of the, as Sarah Palin loves to coin it, Permanent Political Class (RINO's to others).

Read and enjoy ... follow the links provided and, of course, follow those you feel a connection with:


Opinionated @ColorMeRed

No matter how brief a man's life, he can impact and alter the future leaving his imprint on the face of the earth forever.#Breitbart

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Proud Conservative @ConservativeGal

So we're suppose to pay for birth control 4 students going to schools we can't afford to send r own kids to? #tcot#teaparty #conservatives

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

The_Q @The_Q_is3m

Carbonite pulls ads from Rush to “contribute to a more civilized public discourse.” But keep Ed Schulz (called Laura Ingraham slut!) #tcot

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

John Difool @MCHblazer5m

@jtLOL @AndrewBreitbart. The left hated Andrew Breitbart because he used their absolute moral authority as his favorite toilet paper.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE6m

@free_US_Citizen: Gov. Jindal Gives Amazing Republican Energy Policy Speech #p2 #nrcc #mitt #newt #santo

Ric @prismsinc10m

WOW MT @soylentbeige Mitt Romney consulted Population Control Eugenics Czar John Holdren #RickSantorum #teaparty

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

iWithNewtG @cantwaittillnov10m

This Election experience has changed my life. Media Types that I once trusted ... Now I Do Not ! #withNewt #GA #MI #AK#OH #MA #WA #TX

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE25m

From Gut Punch by Derek… - Who will replace Andrew Breitbart? No one, and everyone #tcot #tlot #p2 #nrcc #drudge

'Jim' 'Treacher' @jtLOL38m

A Gut Punch-The Loss of Andrew Breitbart - Derek…

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE39m

@WhineNot: Newt slapdown of David Gregory's question on trying to get him to diss Rush Limbaugh! Beauuuuuutiful!!!#MTP #SuperTuesday

Mary Katharine Ham @mkhammer53m

Someone should do a Kickstarter to buy things for Sandra Fluke she doesn't feel like buying herself.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

This is a result of dance rehearsal ... or really just not knowing what your doing. :-) | Caption & Image Credit: Katharine McPhee via twitpic (2012)

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@katharinemcphee - Looks like you were mugged in an alley by midgets or being kneecapped by a blindman! Good work.#smash #tv #dancing

in reply to @katharinemcphee - Reaction to photo re-posted HERE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@Politisite They are part of the fourth and third estate!

in reply to @Politisite

Politisite @Politisite1h

@EricBoehlert oh look for the last few weeks obama approval has been down to 43%... Forgot to mention that?

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

in reply to @EricBoehlert

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@iowahawkblog - Also, isn't actually having sex a choice as opposed to an ailment? Isn't having babies the same through consequence? #rush

David Burge @iowahawkblog1h

Birth control is a foreseeable, regular expense. What idiot wants it covered by insurance? It's like having corn flakes insurance.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@prismsinc @EricCantor - DITTO!

in reply to @prismsinc

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@ShannonBream: BREAKING: Rep Eric Cantor has just endorsed Mitt Romney”#politicalclass #newt #tcot #tlot #p2 #vp#hhrs #tkrs

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@MMFlint @jtLOL - No bigger prostitute than you working from exaggerated circumstances to make the distorted opinion films you make #rush

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@kirstenpowers10: Hey @edshow you forgot to mention slutwalk. Also why don't u talk about the time you called me a "bimbo"?” #rush

David Limbaugh @DavidLimbaugh1h

i have to say it: Those of you who are saying Rush sold out don't have the courage in your entire universe that he has in his little finger.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE


So, it is on to "Super Tuesday" and whoever ends up being the Republican Political Party's nominee for the potential 45th President of the United States ... do not loose sight, VOTE for them! Then when they assume office, ride them HARD as we all did when Bush 43 tried to place on the Supreme Court, Harriet Ellan Miers or soften on the issue of Immigration!

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Obama's Empty Suit Advice To Investing In Stocks

Later, while sitting alongside Mr Brown in the Oval Office, Mr Obama said Britain's friendship to the US in Iraq and Afghanistan would not be forgotten. He added: "Great Britain is one of our closest and strongest allies and there is a link and bond there that will not break." The president was speaking after around an hour of talks which were dominated by the economy, with both men agreeing that improvements were needed to the regulation of the global banking system. Image & Video Credit: The Telegraph [click photo to launch]

Obama's Empty Suit Advice To Investing In Stocks

Would you buy a used car from this man?

This was a question asked during the Richard M. Nixon Presidency after it was found out that members of his administration were involved with the break in of the Democrat Party offices at the Watergate office complex in Washington DC. The incident caused Richard M. Nixon to step down in disgrace from the highest office in the land.

Largely on the liberal policies talked about and then implemented by the Barack Obama Administration, personal wealth has shrunk by nearly $3 Trillion dollars, and the stock market has dropped 3,000 points since he was elected on November 3, 2008. The stock market has dropped by 25% alone since Barack Obama assumed power, passed $787 Billion dollar Government expansion and spending bill, and introduced his budget proposal that called for increases in government intrusion into our every day lives totaling about $3 Trillion dollars.

Simply stated, President Barack Obama has passed or proposed spending that surpasses all government spending (when one adds it all up) from the time the first president took office 233 years ago until President Obama was sworn in.

Yesterday, Barack Obama met with the executive leader of England, Gordon Brown. During this meeting, Obama and Brown were in front of reporters and President Barack Obama was asked about the sudden and deep declines in the stock market.

After talking down the economy all during the time he has been waiting to assume the power of the office, then in six short weeks while in office, helps to ramrod through a spending bill and introduce a budget that expands Federal Government spending while penalizing free enterprize and promotes unemployment, Barack Obama decided to dispense some stock investing advice as the markets continued to TANK!

Economy TANKS and Barack Obama looks forward to Wednesday night party nights at the White House. Image Credit: Rush Limbaugh (2009)

This excerpted and edited from a transcript at the Rush Limbaugh radio show -

Obama to Stock Market: Drop Dead
TRANSCRIPT, Rush Limbaugh Show - March 3, 2009

RUSH: I said yesterday there was a CNN commentator out there who said over the weekend that he knows somebody that said Obama's speeches, they're like sex. They're better than sex. I can see how that's true. When Obama speaks, the American people get screwed. This morning in the Oval Office, Obama talking with Gordon Brown. Here is a portion of the conversation.

OBAMA: What I'm looking at is not the day-to-day gyrations of the stock market but the long-term, uh, ability for the United States and the entire world economy, uh, to regain its footing. Uh, and, y-y-you know, the stock market is sort of like a tracking poll in politics. It bobs up and down day to day, uh, and if you spend all your time worrying about that, you're probably going to get long-term strategy wrong.

[NOTE: a tracking poll does not directly relate to the money in one's retirement account or house value]

RUSH: Did you hear that? He said it's a tracking poll! It's like a tracking poll in politics. It's going to bubble up and down; you can't pay attention to tracking polls.

If it's a tracking poll, if that's what it is, you're in the tank, Mr. President. He's not concerned! Three trillion dollars of wealth has vanished since he was elected. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down around 3,000 points. He doesn't care!

He just said we're not looking at it. Day-to-day gyrations? How-about-month-to-month declines. There are no day-to-day gyrations to speak of here. There is just a steady decline. Besides he's gotta worry about the long-term ability, the US and the world economy to regain its footing.

The stock market happens to be where people who have skin in the game are located, and they're getting out. Here's another exchange Obama had with Gordon Brown.

OBAMA: What you're now seeing is profit and -- and earning ratios are -- are starting to to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you've got a long-term perspective on it.

Uhhh, I think that consumer confidence, as they see the American, uh, Recovery and Reinvestment Act taking root, uh, businesses are starting to see opportunities for investment, uh, and potential hiring.

RUSH: Really?

OBAMA: It's not going to happen overnight.


OBAMA: And my main message to the American people --

RUSH: Yes?

OBAMA: -- is to just recognize that, um, we dug a very deep hole for ourselves. There were a lot of bad decisions that were made. We are cleaning up that mess. Uh, It's going to be, sort of, uh, full of fits and starts in terms of getting the mess cleaned up, but it's going to get cleaned up.

RUSH: This is Obama distancing himself from his own economy, distancing himself from the failure of his own recovery plan, and dumping it on the Bush administration. We inherited everything! He's going to get away with this for a while, with a lot of Americans.
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The truth is that many of Barack Obama's economic remedy plans (TARP) are a continuation of what President George W. Bush initiated. The people that President Barack Obama has appointed to fill his administration to carry through with his vision of how we dig ourselves out of the credit crisis are many of the same people Bush relied upon to manage what plans he put into play.

Would you buy a used car from this man?


Ahhhhh, NO!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Harry Reid Takes Credit For EBAY Auction Idea

Senate Leader Harry Reid as he delivers a speech that gives himself a connection and credit for the success of the EBAY auction of the SMEAR letter sent to the president of Rush Limbaugh’s EIB syndication partner, Clear Channel. Image Credit: CSPAN via Rush Limbaugh website

Harry Reid Takes Credit For EBAY Auction Idea

In a speech broadcast on CSPAN from the Senate floor at 12:00pm EST, Harry Reid takes credit for EBAY auction idea.

Harry Reid makes this all about HIMSELF!

Signatures Of Shame - Democrat Party Presidential Nominee Candidate Signatures - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, and Senator Christopher John Dodd - From The Original Harry Reid/Rush Limbaugh Smear Letter - Image Credit: The United States Senate via EBAY

He takes credit for the letter ... and its monetary value ... when this (the letter's value) is more about the letter and the act it represents, not who wrote, or signed it.

Transcript Here (notice the term "WE", and tries to ride the coat-tails of the Rush Limbaugh EBAY effort):


RUSH: Here's the transcript of what Dingy Harry said and we're looking for it, we'll have the audio, but this is what Dingy Harry said on the floor of the Senate at noon Eastern time today:

HARRY REID: "Madam President, earlier this month I came to the floor to discuss some comments made by Rush Limbaugh. Following my remarks, more than 40 of my Senate colleagues and I cosigned a letter to the chairman of Clear Channel, Mark May, telling him we wanted him to confer with Limbaugh regarding the statements he made." Is that not audacious? The United States Senate getting hold of the CEO of a private corporation to confer with me over words that I had uttered. "I've since spoken to Mark May about this. Mark May in fact called me regarding this letter. This week, Rush Limbaugh put the original copy of that letter up for auction on eBay. Mr. President, we didn't have time, or we could have gotten every Senator to sign that letter."

RUSH: What is that? Yeah, if we only had time, we could have gotten everybody to sign. How come not one Republican signed it? They had a couple of days to do this. I tell you, that's an amazing statement. Had we had more time, well, was it not worth taking the time, if this was such an important issue? If you would have taken the time, Senator Reid, wouldn't a hundred signatures really have had an impact on Mark Mays, the CEO of Clear Channel, more than 41 and totally partisan signatures since it was all Democrats.

HARRY REID: "He put the letter up for auction on eBay," [continued Mr. Reid] "and I think very, very constructively, let the proceeds of that to go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. That provides scholarship assistance to Marines and federal law enforcement personnel whose parents fall in the line of duty. What could be a more worthwhile cause?" Rehabilitating Senator Reid is a worthwhile cause, which is I think what this is. "I think it's really good that this money on eBay is going to be raised for this purpose. When I spoke to Mark May, he and I thought this probably wouldn't make much..."

RUSH: So he's been involved in it now, huh? (laughing) He's now wormed his way into this! He's not matching. I don't think he's going to match, and he hasn't apologized for this, by the way.

HARRY REID: "When I spoke to Mark May, he and I thought this probably wouldn't make much money, a letter, written by Democrat Senators, complaining about something. This morning, the bid is more than two million for this. We've watched it during the week. It keeps going up and up and up. There's only a little bit of time left on it, but it certainly is going to be more than two million. Never did we think that this letter would bring money of this nature," said Senator Reid. "And for the cause, Madam President, it's extremely good. Now everybody knows that Rush Limbaugh and I don't agree on everything in life. Maybe that's kind of an understatement. But without qualification, Mark May, the owner of the network that has Rush Limbaugh, their auction is going to be something that raises money for a worthwhile cause. I don't know what we could do more important than helping to ensure that children of our fallen soldiers and police officers who have fallen in the line of duty have the opportunity for their children to have a good education."

RUSH: Think of this. He's using the word "we". He has inserted himself into this, ladies and gentlemen! It's going so well, it's something nobody by his own admission ever imagined, they want in on it! We've got the audio now. Let's just listen to it rather than me read it.

HARRY REID: Earlier this month, I came to the floor discussing comments made by Rush Limbaugh. Following my remarks, more than 40 of my Senate colleagues and I cosigned a letter to the chairman of Clear Channel, Mark May, telling him that we wanted him to -- to confer with Rush Limbaugh regarding the statements he made. I've since spoken to Mark May about this. Mark May in fact called me regarding this letter.

RUSH: It's Mays.

HARRY REID: This week, Rush Limbaugh put the original copy of that letter up for auction on eBay. Mr. President, we didn't have time or we could have gotten every Democratic Senator to sign that letter. But he put the letter up for auction on eBay. And I think very, very constructively, let the proceeds of that to go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. What is the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation? It provides scholarship assistance to children of Marines and federal law enforcement personnel whose parent dies in the line of duty, as well as health care assistance for disabled children of fallen troops. What could be a more worthwhile cause? And I think it's really good that this money on eBay is going to be raised for this purpose. When I spoke to Mark May --

RUSH: Mays.

HARRY REID: -- I think that he and I thought this would probably not raise much money, a letter by Democratic Senators complaining about something. This morning, the bid is more than two million on this. We've watched it during the week. It keeps going up and up and up, and there's only a little bit of time left on it. But it's certainly going to be more than two million. Never did we think that this letter would bring money of this nature --

RUSH: Stop the tape here, stop the tape. Do you see what's happening here? This is a clever move, rather transparent, to totally take the credit for this. Had he not sent the letter -- "we" didn't think it would ever generate this kind of money, "we" think it's great to raise this kind of, "we" think this -- he's hoping that this is the angle the Drive-Bys will cover. Harry Reid is taking credit for writing the letter that gets this money raised for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. Resume tape.

HARRY REID: -- the cause, Madam President, extremely good. Now, everyone knows that Rush Limbaugh and I don't agree on everything in life, and maybe that's kind of an understatement. But without qualification, Mark May, the owner of the network that has Rush Limbaugh, and Rush Limbaugh should know that this letter that they're auctioning is going to be something that raises money for a really worthwhile cause. I don't know what we could do more important than helping make sure that children of our fallen soldiers and police officers who have fallen in the line of duty have the opportunity for their children to have a good education. Think about this. More than $2 million, this is going to really help. And that's, again, an understatement. There's only a little bit of time left.

RUSH: Wait 'til you hear what's coming.

HARRY REID: -- so I would ask those that are wanting to do more, that they can go to the Harry Reid, search -- actually go on say "Harry Reid letter," this will come up on eBay. I encourage anyone interested in this with the means to do so to consider bidding on this letter and contributing to this worthwhile cause.

RUSH: Hang on here.

HARRY REID: I strongly believe that when we can put our differences aside, even Harry Reid and Rush Limbaugh, we should do that and try to accomplish good things for the American people.

RUSH: Okay. Put our differences aside? Has he apologized? He is trying to horn in and act like he's part of this whole thing, folks. This is unbelievable! And now he's out there soliciting contributions on eBay, and believe me, this is what he hopes, of all of the past two weeks, that the Drive-Bys pick up on. Well, I wasn't going to do this. I wasn't going to go back in time. But let's go back, Monday, October 1st, 17 days ago, on the very same Senate floor, Harry Reid said this.

HARRY REID: Last week, Rush Limbaugh went way over the line, way over the line. While I respect his right to say anything he likes, his unpatriotic comments I cannot ignore. During his show last Wednesday, Limbaugh was engaged in one of his typical rants. This one was unremarkable and indistinguishable from his usual drivel, which has been steadily losing listeners for years, until he crossed that line by calling our men and women in uniform who oppose the war in Iraq, and I quote, phony soldiers. This comment was so beyond the pale of decency that we can't leave it alone. And yet he followed it up with denials and an attack on Congressman Jack Murtha, who was a 37-year active member of the Marine Corps, a combat veteran.

RUSH: I wasn't going to go back and relive this because it's ancient history, and we've been moving forward. Senator Reid, you did not mention that I am matching whatever the final total is. That is "we." You were offered an invitation to come on this program and say to my face what we just replayed you saying, that I am unpatriotic, and all of the other smears and lies that you believed from Media Matters for America or whether you knew were smears and lies and just went ahead with it anyway. So now all of a sudden this is "we"? You and I have buried the hatchet? You haven't even apologized for this yet and now he wants credit for helping raise this money, as though he's been involved in it all along. It's Orwellian. It's surreal. It's alternate universe. It continues. Senator Reid, I asked you, I suggested that you and Senators in the Senate who could afford this match it. I haven't heard whether you want to match the final total. I pledged to do so from the get-go. By the way, one more time, it's Mays. It's Mark Mays. There's an S on the end of his name.

HARRY REID: Rush Limbaugh took it upon himself to attack the courage and character of those fighting and dying for him and for all of us. Rush Limbaugh got himself a deferment from serving when he was a young man. He never served in uniform. He never saw in person the extreme difficulty of maintaining peace in a foreign country engaged in a civil war. He never saw a person in combat. Yet he thinks that his opinion on the war is worth more than those who have been on the front lines. And what's worse, Limbaugh's show is broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, which means that thousands of troops overseas and veterans here at home were forced to hear this attack on their patriotism. Rush Limbaugh owes the men and women of our armed forces an apology.

RUSH: Right. And he wants to pretend now that he's all supportive of this and very happy about it, and that this is "we" and we've buried the hatchet. I still haven't been apologized to for any of this.

RUSH: This attempt by Harry Reid to take to the floor of the Senate at 12 noon Eastern Time today to personalize this and make it about himself, you just know the mainstream media, the Drive-Bys, will get on this story now and Reid will end up being very positively portrayed. He has quotes about how "we" never thought that the letter would generate this kind of money. "We" never thought...? "Mark May and I..." It's Mays! "Mark May and I talked about this, and Mark May and I..." Senator Reid, let me be clear about this one more time -- actually, as many times as it takes. It wasn't your letter that raised this money. It was your abuse of power that is responsible for raising this money. No other letter you have written would be... People wouldn't pay a dime for it, Senator! This one represents an abuse of power: a federal government official, a US senator, getting hold -- after besmirching me and smearing me by name personally from the Senate floor, gets hold -- of the CEO of my syndication partner and asks him to "confer" with me about something Senator Reid thought was said that was improper? Words? First Amendment? Free speech? That, sir, is an abuse of power. That is why your letter is historic, not because you signed it, not because 40 other people signed it, not because you wrote it. It is because of what that letter represents: a full-fledged, undeniable, 100% abuse of power, and that's how this letter will be remembered by historians forever.

RUSH: Translation for Harry Reid's speech on the Senate floor today: "You win, Rush."


Rush Limbaugh, after reading the transcript and hearing the remarks (in context), called the statement read on the Senate floor and broadcast on CSPAN "Brazen", "Insidious", and "Unbelieveable".

After listening to the remarks replayed on the radio show (11:20am PST), we, at MAXINE, would have to agree with Rush. Oh ... and there was not a hint of an apology (or Rush's matching contribution of $2,100,100) for what had been written in the SMEAR letter.

The Senate "IMUS-ing" (an abuse-of-power out-of-context smear hammered on by the media to create a firing) of Rush Limbaugh did not work.

Rush - 1

Senate (Harry Reid and 40 Senate Democrats) - 0

This abuse of power action was as successful as this current session of Congress (while spending time on stuff like this and deriding our troops, they have not been able to pass a thing).

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